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Superstar Cosplayer Enako Made Over 100 Million Yen So Far This Year

japan's top cosplayer

Japan’s top cosplayer Enako has always been upfront about how much she manages to earn from being a full-time cosplayer, host, and model. The topic came up again during this week’s episode of Downtown DX, which has Enako on board as a guest panelist. Despite all the COVID-19 setbacks around the world, Enako somehow topped herself this year, as well.

According to the latest numbers, Enako has pulled in around 100 million yen so far in 2021, which adds up to around US$876,885. That’s more than twice what she earned in 2020, and we’re not even at this December’s Comiket yet. This will be the first Comiket in two years, and Enako typically earns around 10 million yen (US$87,660) at the event.

As for how much is outgoing, Enako says she only spends around five million yen (US$43,833) per year, and a lot of what she spends it on is just video games. She added, “There’s not much to do [otherwise].”

Keep in mind that Enako doesn’t make any money from magazine shoots, which she considers to be promotional work for both herself and the magazine. With that mutually beneficial relationship in place, additional income has been pouring in from WEB projects, collaborations with companies like official cosplay gigs, and the sales of her self-funded photo books.

Pretty impressive!

Via Crunchyroll