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More Photos from Enako’s Baki Cosplay Mook Revealed

More Photos from Enako’s Baki Cosplay Mook RevealedBack in August, we reported that Japan’s Top Cosplayer (TM) Enako would be releasing a book (er, MOOK) of cosplay that pays tribute to Keisuke Inagaki’s Baki.

Now it’s out, and to remind Enako/Baki fans that it’s on shelves, some extra photos from the book have just been revealed. Check ‘em out!

Whew, don’t try that one up top at home unless you’re pretty confident about your flexibility.

Here’s what Enako herself had to say about the experience:

We shot various characters and situations from the Baki series, which I love! The staff and I came up with ideas of what kind of scenes would be fun, and we created what we wanted to create. I think that people who like Baki and me will be surprised by the many scenes that we created. Even if you’re not familiar with Baki, you might be interested in these scenes. I am sure you will find your own favorite shot!

Meanwhile, here’s how Sentai Filmworks describes Baki:

In the deadly underground world of no-holds-barred fighting, one name reigns supreme: Yujiro Hanma, aka “The Ogre,” a legendary martial artist whose incredible strength, skill, and savage ferocity are so terrifying that even great nations fear him. Still, no man can stand at any pinnacle forever, and the Ogre’s son, Baki, has trained his entire young life in order to achieve his dream of rising to the top.

Unfortunately, the young fighter’s escalating string of victories make him a target for the most ruthless of rivals, and an underground martial arts promoter warns him that five ultra-violent convicts are en route to Tokyo to eliminate Baki once and for all! Now, with the lives of his friends and classmates at stake, the young fighter must face his greatest challenges yet, both inside and outside of the ring!

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