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Super HxEros [Manga Review]

Super HxEros manga volumes 1 and 2

I love superheroes and have since long before the current Marvel movie fad. So when an erotic superhero manga came up for review, I took the job. Super HxEros delivers perfectly serviceable harem comedy. There are indeed boobs aplenty. It even has a decent plot: aliens powered by erotic energy fighting superheroes powered by erotic energy. The bare bones must have made a great pitch in this age of superhero blockbusters.

Super HxEros manga volume 8Sadly, pitches eventually have to get drawn as actual manga, with action scenes (in either sense) that occur in an understandable sequence. A has to punch B, and B has to react somehow. Ryoma Kitada’s sense of page layout is so poor it’s hard to tell when a punch has even been thrown.

Will the horny teenagers this is aimed at really care if the superhero elements of the story are badly done? It’s a fair question. Some readers may not, but I’d bet that number is much smaller than it would have been thirty years ago. Superheroes—both classic American characters and superhero manga like My Hero Academia and One-Punch Man—are wildly popular, while anyone who just wants to look at boobs can type “porn” into their phone. Readers looking for a superhero harem comedy may weigh the “superhero” side of the equation equally with the “harem.”

As softcore porn, Super HxEros sort of delivers. As a superhero story, it’s a total failure. I shouldn’t finish reading a comic about superheroes fighting aliens and be unable to name any of the characters. They’re totally forgettable. I don’t even remember (or care) what the aliens look like, as they’re usually covered by sound effects or a panty flash. There are much better superhero comics, and better smutty comics, to spend your money on.

publisher: Seven Seas Entertainment
story and art: Ryoma Kitada
rating: OT