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Summer Anime Endings Worth Waiting for Each Week

Undead Murder Face has one of our favorite anime endings this season!

Obviously, we’ll never skip a good anime opening. But there are some fantastic anime endings out there, too! This summer season is no exception. Instead of skipping straight to the next episode preview, we’re sticking around for these tunes. These are just a few of our favorites… and will likely change mid-season, as endings tend to do. For now, though, have a listen to a trio of fantastic new anime songs.


“Door” (Sugar Apple Fairy Tale)

Ann Halford is getting to know a whole new group of people, and the first of our anime endings shows that! Sugar Apple Fairy Tale continues with its second cour this summer, picking up where the winter season left off. Our heroine, in a bid to get her beloved Challe fen Challe back, is overseeing a whole workshop full of sugar sculptors. You’ll get to see them all in the end credits sequence, set to “Door.”

The new song by Nao Toyama is just as sweet and beautiful as the series itself. Set to soft and lovely drawings of the cast (even if some of them look a little annoyed to be in Ann’s presence), it carries us to the end of even the most dramatic plot twists.


“Arrow” (Atelier Ryza)

Atelier Ryza: Ever Darkness & the Secret Hideout is an anime full of hope, adventure, and magic. So, of course, it needs music with the same vibe. “Arrow” by Awkmiu is one of our favorite anime endings this season. The soaring vocals and ramping percussion through the chorus perfectly accentuate Ryza’s own journey forward off her home island and toward adventure.

The band’s name is a combination of the English word “awkward” and the French word mieux (better). The bad describes their mission as “delivering better music, even if it’s clumsy.” It’s a philosophy that aligns with Ryza’s own, in a funny way. And we’d call this anything but awkward: the band’s trademark cinematic sound is fully in effect, ensuring that we’ll stick around ’til the end every week.


“Reversal” (Undead Murder Farce)

Everything about this season’s Undead Murder Farce is stylish, strange, and cool. From its bizarre paranormal investigation team to its myriad literary references, it’s a series that genuinely has a vibe all its own. Musical artist Anna matches that vibe excellently with “Reversal,” a slow and sweeping tune that ranks high among this season’s anime endings.

As we’re carried through the sights of the Victorian era, “Reversal” plays with decidedly modern sounds and instruments. It’s a juxtaposition that works extremely well, especially with the ending’s sweeping visuals.

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