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Go Back to School with These Summer Anime

It's almost time to go back to school, and these summer anime are already eager to learn!

We don’t wish to alarm anyone, but summer is coming to an end sooner rather than later. And for the young-uns and grad students amongst you, that means it’s almost back to school time. But if you’re an anime fan, this summer season has already been pulling you back to the classroom, hasn’t it?

Here’s a trio of summer series with unique and unusual classroom settings. And the lessons they’re doling out are… unorthodox, to say the least.


Atelier Ryza: Alchemy and Responsibility

Atelier Ryza

Based on the hit game of the same nameAtelier Ryza: Ever Darkness & the Secret Hideout is a magical journey that starts in a humble place. Ryza dreams of adventure, but her small farming community isn’t exactly the place to find it. When a pair of mysterious adventurers rolls into town, she and her friends may finally find the excitement they seek. But first, it’s time to go back to school!

Chiefly, Ryza is learning alchemy while her friends buff their own skills. But they’re all being educated in other ways, too. They’re learning how to use these new powers responsibly, as well as how to not let the desire for adventure blind them to what needs doing. Soon, they’ll be ready for action!


Classroom for Heroes: Self-Worth

Classroom for Heroes

Classroom for Heroes fits the whole back-to-school brief pretty squarely. The title says it all: we’re at Rosewood Academy, a school training up the next fantasy world hero. There’s also a transfer student: Blade, a happy-go-lucky kid who just wants to make friends. But the truth of his background makes his presence at Rosewood all the more intriguing.

While the students there are definitely honing their herocraft, each has other things to work through. To fully tap into their power, they must overcome issues in their own past. Whether that’s questions of identity, a longing for friends, or the horror of a soul-possessing demon sword, Blade is here to help!


Liar, Liar: Mind Games and Cheating

Liar, Liar

Imagine going back to school on a prestigious island, surrounded by equally prestigious students. Tense, right? Now imagine that, while you’re studying, you’re also encouraged to take place in an AR challenge game with your fellow students. And now imagine that, through sheer dumb luck, you accidentally beat the top ranking player and are now everyone’s target. That’s where Hiroto, the star of Liar, Liar, finds himself.

What follows is a string of mind games, reverse psychology, hacking, and outright lies. Hiroto and his former rival Sarasa each have their own non-academic goals. And fortunately, Hiroto has some heavy-hitters backing him up as he navigate Academy Island. But will it be enough to stay on top? Or will he get expelled and lose his chance to find his childhood friend?

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