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Anime TTRPG Fledge Witch Casts Its Spell on Kickstarter

Fledge Witch is the latest anime TTRPG from LionWing Publishing!

There are tabletop game systems for just about any setting you can imagine these days. From the old classics to inventive new systems, from spooky heists to the Wild West, you can find whatever you want. Even if you’re looking for a specifically anime TTRPG, you have multiple options. And soon, you’ll have one more!

LionWing Publishing, who specialize in localizations of Japanese tabletop entertainment, are preparing to launch their next title. And it’s one that will let many of us live our magical girl dreams!


Anime Inspiration

Book interior samples

Like other anime TTRPG releases in LionWing’s catalogue, Fledge Witch has very noticeable inspirations. Fans of previous releases will already be familiar with these uniquely inspired games, pulling inspiration from all over the entertainment landscape. Picaresque Romanfor instance, draws from the Yakuza series and Persona 5Convictor Drive slides from anime to tokusatsu, showing off some major Kamen Rider inspo.

Fans of Little Witch Academia, Kiki’s Delivery Service, and the Atelier video games will feel right at home in Fledge Witch. Because the character you’ll roll up is a witch’s apprentice!


Playing the Game

Book interior samples

Book interior samples

Living your anime TTRPG dreams is a matter of rolling up a witch’s apprentice of your own. And, of course, finding a GM to take on the role of storyteller and witch! Running the game takes a lot of work, but it’s also an exciting opportunity to steer the story for your friends.

With its own bespoke fantasy setting, Fledge Witch gives you plenty of room to design your own witch and set up lesson plans for your apprentices. Sheets help you plan out each session, which should take a couple of hours. If you have a good group, you can string several sessions together into a large campaign and watch your witch apprentices master their magic! Notably, you’re encouraged to create your own aspects of the setting to make things the best they can be for your particular group.


Taking Flight

Book interior samples

To get off the ground, this anime TTRPG needs your help! Fledge Witch: The Magical Apprentices of Elemeria goes live on Kickstarter tomorrow (August 8). Get in on the ground floor of this cozy game, and donate early to help it get over the line! Judging by previous LionWing Kickstarter campaigns, you’ll also be able to pick up bonuses and unlock stretch goals. So the more people get on board, the better!

Will you be starting up your own magical atelier for you and your friends? Let us know!



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