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What Japanese YouTube Thinks of the One Piece Trailer

live-action one piece

The first full trailer for Netflix’s live-action One Piece series was released last weekend at San Diego Comic-Con. Many Japanese fans had previously been scared and annoyed by the teaser image released in May, showing the front of the ship Going Merry. But what do they think of this trailer?

SoraNews24 decided to find out, and searched comments on Japanese YouTube. And they found that the comments were mostly enthusiastic.

Here’s a sampling:

“I’ve seen a lot of live-action adaptations of anime, but this is the first time a trailer has me this excited about watching one.”
“I had so many worries about the adaptation, but after watching this, I can’t wait to see it!”
“I really like how it looks like instead of being a live-action anime, it’s like they’re going for what it’d be like if the world of One Piece existed in our reality.”
“When you adapt anime to live-action, it’s always going to feel at least a little like cosplay, but I think they’ve done an incredible job making it look this polished, so I’m looking forward to watching this.”
“At first, I thought that Luffy felt like a totally different character, but watching this trailer, he’s won me over.”
“They aren’t going overboard on the setting or characterizations, but they’ve got a firm grasp on what makes them special, It’s a good balance for a fantasy story.”

There were some people who were less than enthused — “My initial impression is that I don’t hate it, so that’s a big win for it so far” one comment says snarkily — but they’re in the minority.

Original creator Eiichiro Oda is involved with the production, and the live-action One Piece is scheduled to debut on August 31.

Source: SoraNews24


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