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New Dubbed Episodes of Sugar Apple Fairy Tale Start Today

sugar apple fairy tale

The second cours of Sugar Apple Fairy Tale started on July 7, and is receiving simultaneous streaming from Crunchyroll. But if you’re waiting for the English dub, then today is your day! Crunchyroll revealed the dub’s first episode premiere as well as information on the cast and crew.

The dub is being directed by Shawn Gann. In terms of actors, Celeste Perez plays Anne, Ivan Jasso plays Challe, Ciarán Strange plays Mithril, Marisa Duran plays Bridget, Jordan Dash Cruz plays Elliott, Ernesto Jason Liebrecht plays Hugh, Bruce DuBose plays Glen, Mauricio Ortiz-Segura plays Orland, Ben Balmaceda plays Kat, and Ryan Negron plays Kiet.

The dub is being produced by Colleen Clinkenbeard, with scripts written by Katelyn Barr. Zachary Davis is the engineer.

The anime was made at J.C. Staff, with Youhei Suzuki of Urara Meirochō helming the project as director. The person in charge of series composition is Seishi Minakami, who has worked on A Certain Scientific Railgun. Credit for character design goes to Haruko Iizuka, who is known for working on School-Live! and Horimiya.

The franchise started out as a light novel series by Miri Mikawa and aki and also has a manga adaptation. Yen Press publishes both the light novels and manga in English, and gave this description for the plot:

In a world where fairies are bought and sold to the highest bidder, humans aren’t exactly on friendly terms with the fae folk. But friendship is exactly what Anne Halford seeks with Challe, her new fairy bodyguard, though he’s not so keen on the idea. As his new master, Anne tasks him with escorting her through a particularly dangerous area, but with a reluctant bodyguard eager to escape a life of servitude, she’ll have to deal with a lot more than she bargained for…

Source: ANN


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