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Space Dandy Deck Building Card Game Successfully Crowdfunded

At first thought, Space Dandy seems like an unlikely candidate for a deck-building card game. What comes to mind when I think of this games, at least, are long-running, dead serious fantasy franchises.

On reflection, though, Space Dandy seems like a better bet: after all, though it was only 26 episodes, it featured literally hundreds of unique aliens. And Space Dandy’s brand of humor has the potential to make for some very amusing cards.

Manga publisher Seven Seas Entertainment had the same thought, apparently, when they decided to base their first tabletop game around Space Dandy.

Launching a Kickstarter to fund the game just yesterday, Seven Seas have already reached their goal of $12,000 and are currently shooting for a $20,000 stretch goal to print the game with higher-quality pieces and cardstock.

The most popular tiers seem to be $50, which gets you a copy of the game, and $100, which includes the Honey special edition of the game and the season one Dandy DVDs.

Sources: Kickstarter, Seven Seas

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