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Macross II Blu-Ray Kickstarter Smashes Goal

Macross II Blu-Ray Kickstarter Smashes Kickstarter GoalMacross II: Lovers Again is the disavowed stepchild of the Macross franchise, but the current Kickstarter from Animeigo proves there’s still plenty of love for the series.

Animeigo’s bid to crowdfund a new Blu-ray release of the six-episode ‘90s OVA is already a huge success a short time after its launch. It has reached its initial goal as well as a stretch goal for new art by legendary character designer Haruhiko Mikimoto. You can follow the crowdfunding fun and read more details right here.

Macross II was released between May and November 1992 and takes place 80 years after the original series. It’s not considered an official part of Macross canon these days — but who cares if it’s good, right? Weird non-canon side projects 4 life.

Source: ANN, Animeigo

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