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Studio 4°C Announces Future Kid Takara Film, Crowdfunding Effort

Studio 4°C Announces Future Kid Takara Film, Crowdfunding EffortLast year, it was announced that JETRO (Japan External Trade Organization) would be working with anime studios to develop films and Kickstarter projects. Now Studio 4°C has revealed its JETRO collaboration. It’s a film called Future Kid Takara, and it’s centered around the theme of climate change.

The story goes like this: a girl from the present travels to the year 2100 to team up with Takara, a boy in a dystopian future, to save the planet.

The crew looks like this:

Director: Yuta Sano (Berserk: The Golden Age Arc – Memorial Edition)
Character, world design: Shinji Kimura
Producer: Eiko Tanaka

There’s also a Kickstarter project tied into Future Kid Takara. The project aims to create a pilot video that will help lure bigger investors.

Future Kid Takara is planned to be released in 2025, and in keeping with the theme, Studio 4°C will work to reduce emissions created by work on the film. Here’s how the studio describes it:

Future Kid Takara will be an action-packed, family-oriented film set in a dystopian future. The adventure story will feature a girl named Sara who is time warped into the year 2100, where she and the protagonist Takara try to navigate a world ravaged by the effects of global warming. (Title and story subject to change)

By the way, the four other JETRO anime projects are:

Public Arts “Hana, The Last Diviner”
Gorilla “The Top Loft!”
EKURA ANIMAL “Heike Monogatari Emaki”

Source: ANN

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