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Latest Studio 4ºC Anime Film Previews Theme Song

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The latest anime film from Studio 4ºC (Tekkonkinkreet, Mind Game) is Gyoko no Nikuko-chan (Nikuko of the Fishing Harbor), which is set to premiere in Japan on June 11. Ahead of that we have a new preview, and in addition to showcasing more footage, this one offers a sample of the film’s theme song.

“Image no Uta” (“Image Poem”) features a performance by 10-year-old singer Kurumi Inagaki. GReeeeN produced the cover of the song, which was originally singer-songwriter Takuro Yoshida’s debut single. Check out the new promo below.

Gyoko no Nikuko-chan is based on the 2014 novel by Sanma Akashiya. Children of the Sea‘s Ayumu Watanabe is directing the film, with a script by Hataraki Man‘s Satomi Ooshima.

Via Anime News Network