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Shueisha Shares Book Trailers For New Light Novel Imprint for Women

Shueisha is a major publisher in Japan that publishes many a bestselling manga series. But they also publish other things, like light novels, and they just launched a new imprint within an imprint.

Their Dash X Bunko imprint publishes light novels, and now there is an offshoot imprint within it named “Dash X Bunko Novel f” which is dedicated to light novels aimed at a female audience. To be more precise, it’s light novels that mix romance and fantasy and are aimed at a female audience.

The imprint even has its own tagline: “Encounter your fated book. This is our new light novel!”

Its first books were released in Japan this week. As some extra advertising oomph, Shueisha even released trailers to go with them.

First up is Denka, Chotto Hitokoto Yoroshii Desu ka? ~Munо na Akujo da to Nonoshirarete Konyaku Haki Saresо Desu ga, Sono Mae ni Anata no Akuji wo Abakasete Itadakimasu ne!~ (translated as Your Highness, May I Please Say Just One Thing? ~I Might Have Been Badmouthed as an Incompetent Villainess and It Looks Like Our Engagement Will Fall Through, But Before That Happens, Allow Me to Expose Your Bad Deeds!~) by Manimani Ononata and YukiKana. Anime voice actor Tatsuhisa Suzuki narrates the trailer.

Next is Mirai de Reigūhi ni Naru Hazu nano ni, Nandaka Yоsu ga Okashii no Desuga… (translated as I Was Supposed to Become the Black Sheep Consort, But For Some Reason He’s Acting Strange…) by Hibiki Sayama and Yasuyuki Syuri. It’s narrated by anime voice actor Toshiki Masuda.

There’s also a video for Moto Seijo Heroine no Watashi, Zokuhen de wa Mob nano ni Zen Status (Kо̄kando wo Fukumu) ga Kansuto Shiteirundesu ga (translated as As a Former Saint Heroine, I Was Supposed to Be a Side Character in the Sequel, But For Some Reason All My Stats (Including the Affection Levels) Are Off the Charts) by Kotoko and Mamenosuke Fujimaru. It’s narrated by anime voice actor Kengo Kawanishi.

Would you be interested in seeing these getting licensed in North America?

Source: ANN

Image Credit: Shueisha


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