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Sword Art Online Creator Reki Kawahara Prepares to Launch New VRMMO Novel Series

reki kawahara

When your biggest hits involve VRMMOs, it makes sense to return to that well for more, and that’s precisely what Sword Art Online and Accel World creator Reki Kawahara is doing next. The author recently revealed plans to launch a new light novel series titled Demons’ Crest, with the first volume scheduled to hit shelves in Japan on November 10.

The novel features character designs by K-ON!‘s Yukiko Horiguchi, as depicted in the visual above and the individual designs for Yuma Ashihara, Sawa Ashihara, Kenji Kondo and Minagi Sano below.

Demons’ Crest takes place in the year 2031, as elementary schooler Yuma Ashihara takes part in a beta for “Actual Magic (AM),” the world’s first full-dive VRMMORPG. Yuma ends up losing consciousness while playing and wakes up in a world where real life has merged with the game, and it’s in this mixed reality that a death game begins to unfold. 

Via Crunchyroll News