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Section23 to Distribute Wings of Honneamise 4K Remaster Set

wings of honneamise

Section23 Films is teaming up with Bandai Namco Filmworks to release a very special edition of a classic anime on home video in the west. The company announced plans to distribute GAINAX’s Royal Space Force: The Wings of Honnéamise anime film in a memorial box featuring a 4K remastered version of the feature in celebration of its 35th anniversary.

The Japanese edition of the set is coming stateside with English subtitles and an English dub, as well as bonus features like an audio version of the pilot film, a BGM collection complete with image boards, the 1987 Document File and more. It’s all set to come out at the same time as the Japanese release on November 4, and is available to pre-order on the Sentai Filmworks website right now. 


The Royal Space Force is established in Honnêamise – a fictional kingdom on a fictional planet. Although the force boasts 30 years of history, they haven’t been able to achieve solid results; people and the government have given up on them, seeing the force as a burden. Shirotsugh Lhadatt, the protagonist, is a member of the Royal Space Force, which far from their dreams have gone into idleness.

One day, Shirotsugh meets Riqunni, a girl who preaches God’s word, and his destiny drastically changes, leading him to volunteer to be a space pilot…

Source: Sentai Filmworks