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Sentai Filmworks Adds My Isekai Life, Vermeil in Gold Anime

my isekai life

Sentai Filmworks revealed two more additions to its summer 2022 anime lineup, and the latest offerings have some particularly beefy titles. First up is the genre-bending fantasy My Isekai Life: I Gained a Second Character Class and Became the Strongest Sage in the World!, then we have Vermeil in Gold: A Desperate Magician Barges Into the Magical World Alongside the Strongest Calamity!. 

My Isekai Life is produced by studio Revoroot (FLCL Alternative) and directed by Keisuke Kojima (Kill la Kill and One-Punch Man animation director), and will stream exclusively on HIDIVE this summer with a home video release to follow.


Getting isekai’d to a magical world and developing incredible powers is every otaku’s wildest dream, but for salaryman Yuji Sano, it’s the stuff of absolute nightmare! He’s in the middle of a mountain of work when he gets unwillingly pulled into a fantasy realm, where he accomplishes the enviable feat of developing a second character class by making the most of his Monster Tamer abilities. Now he’s traded the office for adventuring to make a living, but he keeps getting roped into major events because his powers are unmatched, second to none — and he doesn’t even realize it yet!

Also coming exclusively to HIDIVE this summer and later to home video is Vermeil in Gold, animated by Staple Entertainment (Val x Love) and directed by Takashi Naoya (Val x Love, Real Girl). 


Meet Alto, a hapless student at Royal Ortigia Magic Academy whose academic performance leaves much to be desired. Rather than take a more sensible approach to salvaging his grades in time for graduation, Alto decides to summon a bit of otherworldly assistance. Only after does he learn he’s bound the legendary she-devil Vermeil into service as his familiar! But while Vermeil is a powerful ally sure to turn his grades around, her magic can only be replenished with a kiss, and that makes everything go to hell with Alto’s jealous childhood friend, Lilia. Looks like Alto just unleashed a whole new world of devilish mayhem in Vermeil in Gold: A Desperate Magician Barges Into the Magical World Alongside the Strongest Calamity!

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