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Report: Manga Sales in America Went Up During 2020

Venus in the Blind Spot

ICv2 is reporting that manga sales grew in the United States last year.

“Manga sales were up around 44% in the book channel in 2020, as measured by NPD BookScan, which tracks sales at book chains, mass merchants, large online retailers, and other retailers,” ICv2 reported. “Manga sales were also up double digits in comic stores in 2020 compared to 2019, according to our initial analysis of data from sales tracked at point-of-sale by the ComicHub system at stores selling American graphic novels around the world.”

ICv2 also interviewed multiple comic retailers about manga sales, and noted that every single one they spoke to brought up Junji Ito’s works. And while it’s still early this year, initial reporting indicates that manga sales are still going strong.

“Our manga sales in January [2021] were insane,” Tate Ottati, owner of a Florida comic book store, told the news outlet.

Source: ICv2


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