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The Promised Neverland Creator Promises “Original Scenario” in Anime Season 2

The Promised Neverland Creator Promises “Original Scenario” in Anime Season 2Think you know what’s going to happen in The Promised Neverland season 2 because you’ve read the manga? Think again!

Kaiu Shirai, the creator of The Promised Neverland, is supervising an “original scenario” for the upcoming anime season. That’s the word from the latest issue of Shonen Jump.

The issue promises (heehee!) that viewers will see “another” side to The Promised Neverland. Sounds like even those who have read the manga from top to bottom are in for a few surprises.

Season 2 kicks off on January 7, just a few days from now.

Here’s how Aniplex of America describes season 1, which aired in 2019:

“Fight your destiny in this world.”

As much as the children love her, she is not their mother. Although they live together, they are not related either. Grace Field House is where children without parents are taken in. An irreplaceable home for the 38 children that all live happily every day, even if they were strangers at first. However, the happy days at Grace Field House ended abruptly. In truth, their home is a farm, and the children are just human meat, food for the demons. Meanwhile, the Mom they love is a watchdog.

“I don’t want any more of my family to die!”

Source: ANN

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