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Male Cosplayer Performs Mai Shiranui Moves in Costume

A few weeks back, we reported on ambitious Australian cosplayer Wirru, who’d put together an impressive crossplay of Fatal Fury’s Mai Shiranui using silicone molding, thigh pads, and other techniques. It also turns out he’s been practicing karate for 17 years, and has decided to put that experience towards recreating Mai’s moves in real life:


It’s hard to nail the timing of some of those moves, but perhaps most impressive is that no matter how many fans he throws, he always seems to have more stored in the silicone molding. He also made a video showing what it’s like to get out of the Mai costume after a long day at a con, which really highlights the transformative nature of the costume:


To see more of Wirru’s work, check out his pages on Instagram, Facebook, and Patreon.

Source: Kotaku