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Lupin III Creator Monkey Punch to Direct 50th-Anniversary Anime

Lupin III Creator Monkey Punch to Direct 50th-Anniversary AnimeEveryone’s favorite thief, Lupin III, turned 50 this year, and to mark the occasion, a new anime project has been greenlit. What’s more, the director will be none other than Monkey Punch, the manga author that started it all.

The project is called Lupin wa ima mo moeteiru ka? (Is Lupin Still Burning…?!), a nod to the very first episode, “Is Lupin Burning…?!,” from 1971. According to Monkey Punch, the new anime pays tribute to previous Lupin III projects while also letting the staff try new things.

While Monkey Punch created the Lupin manga, he’s been relatively hands-off on the anime side of things. He did, however, direct the 1996 Lupin film Dead or Alive. In a 2003 interview, Mr. Punch claimed he directed the film “unwillingly” and “really [doesn’t] want to do it again,” but I, for one, am happy he changed his mind.

Source: ANN

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