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Liar Liar Anime Reveals Theme Song Performers

liar liar anime

It’s been two years since the anime adaptation was announced for Haruki Kuou and illustrator konomi’s Liar Liar light novels, but it’s finally on the way to TV in Japan this July. In the meantime, the official Twitter account updated everyone with news on the opening and ending theme song performers. 

The Liar Liar opening theme song will be “LIES GOES ON” by May’n and the ending theme song will be “faky merry game” by voice actress unit SMILE PRINCESS. 

Here’s a teaser from last month:

Novel series description:

“Academy” is a school island where students compete against each other in a duel called “game” to determine their rank. Hiroto Shinohara got the top score ever in the entrance exam to the school island, which is the most difficualt in Japan, and beat last year’s absolute champion, Sarasa Saionji, on the first day of transferring to the school. He becomes the “Seven Star,” who reigns supreme, faster than any other in history. In order for him to fulfill his purpose on the island, he has to stay at the top even if it’s a lie. To do so, he’ll use anything, including cheating by Himeji, the beautiful maid who assists him as her master, and his complicity with Saionji, who is actually a fake lady. Win it all with lies and intelligence! The school brain game begins now!

Source: Official Twitter