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Liar Liar Anime Reveals Cast, Summer 2023 Premiere

liar liar anime

A premiere window is in for the Liar Liar anime, based on the light novels by Haruki Kuou and konomi. Naoki Matsuura (episodes of Black Clover) is at the helm for this one alongside Satoru Ohno, with Momoka Toyoda (My Happy Marriage) on series composition and Yumi Nakamura (Wotakoi: Love is Hard for Otaku OVA) on character designs for the GEEKTOYS production, and you can see who is getting in on the cast while we wait for the summer 2023 debut below.

Cast includes:

Rika Tachibana as Noa Akizuki:

Yurika Moriyama as Tsumugi Shiina:

Houko Kuwashima as Natsume Ichinose:

Hibiku Yamamura as Ami Kagaya:

Momoko Seto as Fuuka Tatara:

Mai Mochizuki as Yuuki Tsuji:


“Academy” is a school island where students compete against each other in a duel called “game” to determine their rank. Hiroto Shinohara got the top score ever in the entrance exam to the school island, which is the most difficualt in Japan, and beat last year’s absolute champion, Sarasa Saionji, on the first day of transferring to the school. He becomes the “Seven Star,” who reigns supreme, faster than any other in history. In order for him to fulfill his purpose on the island, he has to stay at the top even if it’s a lie. To do so, he’ll use anything, including cheating by Himeji, the beautiful maid who assists him as her master, and his complicity with Saionji, who is actually a fake lady. Win it all with lies and intelligence! The school brain game begins now!

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