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Knights of Sidonia Manga Keeps the Fight for Humanity Alive

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Whether you’ve seen the Netflix-streaming anime adaptation or not, Tsutomu Nihei’s original Knights of Sidonia manga is in a world of its own. Known for beautifully dark sci-fi stories with style to spare, Nihei takes the story of humanity trying its best to survive, outmaneuver, and ultimately destroy an alien threat known as the Gauna and spins it into a sprawling and unforgettable saga.

—with the hotly anticipated volume 14 set to arrive in September—and anyone with a love for science-fiction and battles beyond the stars will want to pick this one up from the very beginning.

Knights of Sidonia follows Nagate Tanikaze, who emerges from the bowels of a seed ship called Sidonia to discover just how much humanity has changed in the intervening years. Humans have since achieved photosynthesis, new genders have developed, and a select few spend their time manning mecha and fighting on the frontlines against vicious alien monstrosities. 

It’s a cruel world that Tanikaze is thrust into, but at least he doesn’t have to face it alone. Humans may have changed, and life on Sidonia may seem foreign to both our lead and the audience, but strong bonds are still formed. As he comes to terms with his growing role in this new society and the perils that face him and his companions on a daily basis, Tanikaze learns an important, sometimes daunting fact: Life goes on. 

Nihei’s work on Knights of Sidonia is as intricate as ever, from the detailed mechanical design of the Garde mechs to the expansive interiors of Sidonia and the bubbling, amorphous presence of the Gauna. See what all the fuss is about and start digging into Knights of Sidonia today. It’s available both in print and eBook form, and if you’re looking for the latest volume,

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