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While Kizuna AI Is Away, Here Are Some of Our Favorite Moments

Kizuna AI

Back in December, VTuber extraordinaire Kizuna AI announced that she’d be going on an indefinite hiatus. With the popular virtual star entering “sleep mode” temporarily, we’re all a little sad. But we’re happy to have the assurance that there are plans for her return.

In the meantime, we’re looking back on some of our favorite moments from AI’s whirlwind career so far. Eventually we’ll have new memories to enjoy. But for now, here are some we love — what about you?


The Birth of an Opposite AI

Black AI

Kizuna AI is bright, friendly, clever, and motivated. So what would her opposite be? Apparently “Black AI,” so named for her change in wardrobe and hair color — and, we assume, the “black eye” pun. Unlike her original version, this AI is lazy, cross, and rude… and, of course, we all love her.

We especially like when the two AIs talk, showing how they (don’t) get along. Black AI has also, despite her lack of motivation, done a fair bit of stuff for the channel. She’s done remixes of AI’s songs, for example, and shown up in the Othellonia mobile game collaboration.


F*** You!

Kizuna AI takes on Resident Evil 7

Resident Evilwill drive even the biggest saint among us to do a cuss. Between Ethan Winters’s tortured hands and the rural jumpscares, we’ve been hard pressed to keep our language clean. (Of course, the game isn’t exactly pushing for an E for Everyone rating itself.) Kizuna AI picked up a few choice words while playing, too.

During her playthrough of the game, she parroted F-bombs with the excitement of a toddler wandering in on a marathon of The Thick of It. It’s kind of cute, and yes, we’re aware of how weird that is. But trust us. Or better yet, see for yourself. (Warning for NSFW language… of course.)


“Sky High”

Back in 2019, Kizuna AI released “Sky High” — a song and accompanying music video that seemed to carry a lot of meaning. On the surface, it’s about connecting with people and reaching for the future. But some fans took it to mean a lot more (possibly bad) things, in the wake of the brand expanding into other countries. Fortunately, AI’s original voice actress remains a part of the company, meaning we can enjoy this song without worrying it’s some weird coded message.

The VTuber has done several songs, both original and covers, but this one hits home for a lot of people. Its lyrics about wanting to leave a cramped room and reach out to others ended up resonating in the months after the video’s premiere. It’s still one of our favorites, and one we’ll be listening to on repeat while we wait for her return.

Have a good nap, AI — we can’t wait to see you when you wake up!

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