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Get Your First Look at the Upcoming Kizuna Ai Anime

kizuna ai

Earlier this year Virtual YouTuber Kizuna Ai went on an indefinite hiatus, and the staff behind her said this was so that they could gear up for “future activities with the goal of further developing Kizuna Ai.” Well, now we know at least some of what they have up their sleeve. Kizuna Ai is getting her own anime project called Kizuna no Allele, and a visual and plot description were just released.

The anime will have the tagline “Your radiance is a bridge that connects everyone.” Here is the plot:

“I want to be connected with everyone…

“’Miracle’ is a girl who has been dreaming of becoming a virtual artist just like Kizuna Ai. ‘I will become the person I wish and will deliver a dream and a hope to the world!’ ‘Miracle’ keeps her strong will and starts moving towards a higher place with her friends who share the same passion. Her story begins now…”

The anime is slated to debut sometime next year.

Kizuna Ai’s YouTube channel went up in 2016, and since then she’s gotten more than 3 million subscribers. She also has an “A.I.Games” channel with more than 1.51 million subscribers. She’s lent her voice to the anime Ingress and Magical Girl Site, as well as for the film Laidbackers’ theme song. All of her success has led her to being named as one of the “globally respected Japanese people” listed by Newsweek Japan. Not bad for someone who’s virtual!

Kizuna Ai is voiced by Nozomi Kasuga, who has also acted in Granbelm and Infinite Dendrogram. Original character concept art for her was created by Keigo Inoue, and En Morikura took that and designed it into the Kizuna Ai we all know and love.

Are you interested in an anime about the world’s most famous Virtual YouTuber?

Source: ANN


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