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Hunter x Hunter Creator Reveals How Long Fixing a Panel Takes Now

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Yoshihiro Togashi was unable to work on his popular manga Hunter x Hunter for three years and eleven months, putting the series on hiatus. He returned to the manga this year, but because of health reasons, it’s slow going and he’s having issues. As an update on his health, he recently tweeted that finishing the retake of a single panel is now a week-long endeavor.

He made this comment while working on chapter 398, with the aim of getting it done by today, November 16.

While we don’t know an exact diagnosis for what Togashi is going through, it’s clear from his remarks that it’s serious. He said he wasn’t able to sit for two years. He also said that things take a much longer time to do now, and things most people take for granted take him 3-5 times longer to do.

Earlier this year he announced that he’d hired staff to help him in his work, so he doesn’t have to go at it all alone. Many fans have been concerned, not wanting him to push himself too hard, and to put his health first.

VIZ Media publishes the Hunter x Hunter manga in English. It gave this description of the first volume:

“Gon might be a country boy, but he has high aspirations. Despite his Aunt Mito’s protests, Gon decides to follow in his father’s footsteps and become a legendary Hunter. The Hunter hopefuls begin their journey by storm-tossed ship, where Gon meets Leorio and Kurapika, the only other applicants who aren’t devastated by bouts of seasickness.

Having survived the terrors of the high seas, Gon and his companions now have to prove their worth in a variety of tests in order to find the elusive Exam Hall. And once they get there, will they ever leave alive…?”

Source: ANN

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