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Hunter x Hunter Creator Appears to Be Working on Series Again

hunter x hunter

Manga creator Yoshihiro Togashi has been posting stuff on Twitter that gives the impression he is back to working on his popular series Hunter x Hunter. First, Togashi shared this tweet with the words “I’m doing No.405. Moon healing escalation!”

Moon healing escalation appears to be a reference to Sailor Moon, which was created by his wife, Naoko Takeuchi.

Then Togashi shared another tweet that looks like the early stages of working on a manga chapter, and you can see part of Hunter x Hunter written out. This time there was no note to go with the image.


The tweets have already been seen millions of times and received tens of thousands of retweets. Hunter x Hunter has gone on multiple hiatuses over the years due to health issues Togashi has been dealing with. While the specifics of what he has is unclear, he’s spoken about his struggles, like saying a couple of years ago, “You’re probably thinking, ‘Go draw the next chapter already.’ True, I was unable to sit in a chair for two years, which made me unable to draw, but by throwing conventional methods to the wayside, I’ve been able to resume drawing somehow. Everyone, I sincerely ask you to take care of your backs and hips. Just two weeks before writing this message, I couldn’t get into position to wipe my butt and had to take a shower every time I pooped. It takes 3-5 times longer for me to do everyday movements. Your hips are important.”

Hopefully these tweets mean he is feeling better.

VIZ Media publishes Hunter x Hunter and gave this description for it:

“Gon might be a country boy, but he has high aspirations. Despite his Aunt Mito’s protests, Gon decides to follow in his father’s footsteps and become a legendary Hunter. The Hunter hopefuls begin their journey by storm-tossed ship, where Gon meets Leorio and Kurapika, the only other applicants who aren’t devastated by bouts of seasickness.

Having survived the terrors of the high seas, Gon and his companions now have to prove their worth in a variety of tests in order to find the elusive Exam Hall. And once they get there, will they ever leave alive…?”

Source: Tokyo Weekender


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