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Kizuna AI Anime Project is Officially in the Works

kizuna ai

The Kizuna AI The Last Live “hello, world 2022” event was held over the weekend as a farewell concert before the virtual singer goes on indefinite hiatus. It was a rousing success, pulling in over 130,000 viewers in real time and hosting some big announcements along with all the previously promised virtual talent guest appearances.

Chief among the announcements was the fact that there’s a Kizuna AI anime project in production. Details are light, but more information is promised in the future.

The other big announcement concerns what will be going on while Kizuna AI sleeps. Kizuna (Kizuna-chan) (#KZN) has been introduced in prototype form, and she’ll help support AI during hiatus. The prototype first appeared on stage and performed a duet with Kizuna AI of the song “Kizuna AI to AI,” and she’s currently in development with Kizuna AI’s main illustrator En Morikura as supervisor and KEIGO INOUE on character concept art.

More on Kizuna (#KZN):

In February 2022, “Kizuna (#KZN)” was born from the voice of Kizuna AI, who will go on indefinite hiatus to achieve further growth to further connect with everyone in the world.

#KZN’s mission is to act as a hub to connect creators with creators, creators with fans, creators with technology while supporting Kizuna AI’s dream “I want to connect with everyone”.

Source: Press release