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VTuber Kizuna AI Celebrates 5th Birthday with New Concert Visual

kizuna ai

Virtual YouTuber Kizuna AI is celebrating her fifth birthday in a big way, with an anniversary live concert set to be held at Zepp Haneda in Tokyo at 7:00pm Japan Time on June 30. Kizuna AI 5th Birthday Live ‘A.I.Party 2021’ will be the idol’s first concert with an audience in two years, and will also mark the first time for AI to perform with a live band. General ticket sales go live in Japan on May 29, and Kizuna AI shared a new concert visual to mark the occasion.

In addition to the live venue, the birthday concert will be live streamed on Z-aN, U-NEXT, and other streaming platforms. Check out the full visual below along with a message from Kizuna AI.

Kizuna AI says:

Finally, finally! Kizuna AI! I’ll be five years old on June 30, 2021! I’ve been able to grow up this fast thanks to all of you humans. Thank you! And multiples of five are more special than usual! Five years old! The Fifth Anniversary! We’re going to offer so much fun that you won’t be able to keep up with us if you’re not careful, so be ready!

Via Crunchyroll