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Kirby Morrow’s Brother and Friend To Give Talk on Mental Illness

casey morrow

Kirby Morrow’s Twitter page is still being used by his family, and they shared this news:

Taylorpedia further explained:

“On January 18th at 8pm I will be talking with [Kirby’s brother] Casey Morrow. Blue Monday is classified as the most depressing day of the year. A lot of people struggle with depression, addictions and many mental health related illnesses. Kirby unfortunately passed away in 2020. As many people on my page know, he was my idol and friend. Kirby hid his depression and dark times well. Casey has set out to talk about mental health and to also keep Kirby[‘]s name and spirit going by creating a scholarship fund. I think we need to talk more about these issues in hopes for people to know they are not alone and that there are people out there to help.”

Otaku USA previously interviewed Casey Morrow about his brother and how people can help the scholarship he was founding in his brother’s name. In the interview he said, “I want people to remember the good side of Kirby, but I also want them to use his story to understand if you’re lonely, if you’re scared, if you’re sad, you’ve got to go talk to somebody. Everyone else understands. You’ve got to be an audience. Be someone’s audience today.”


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