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Condolences Pour in After Passing of Inuyasha Actor Kirby Morrow

kirby morrow

47-year-old actor Kirby Morrow, best known to otaku for playing Miroku in Inuyasha and Goku in the Ocean Productions dub of Dragon Ball Z, passed away on Wednesday. While multiple outlets have confirmed this fact, a cause of death has not been released.

Along with Inuyasha and DBZ, Morrow played Trowa Barton in Mobile Suit Gundam Wing, Teru Mikami in Death Note, Van in Escaflowne, and Billy Katagiri in Mobile Suit Gundam 00. He had recently begun reprising his role of Miroku in the Inuyasha spinoff Yashahime: Princess Half-Demon.

He also had multiple notable roles outside of the anime realm, including being Captain Dave Kleinman in Stargate: Atlantis and Stargate Universe.

People who knew Morrow within the industry were quick to share their condolences:



Morrow’s talents have clearly touched a lot of people.

Source: Anime News Network


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