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Kirby Morrow’s Brother Starts GoFundMe for Scholarship in Actor’s Honor

kirby morrow

The Kirby Morrow Memorial Scholarship Fund has been planned in honor of actor Kirby Morrow, who recently passed away at only 47. His brother, Casey Morrow, has teamed up with the Calgary Foundation in Alberta, Canada for this, and the scholarship is aimed at people interested in being professionals in performing arts.

To get things moving, Casey Morrow set up a GoFundMe page, with a goal of reaching $50,000 for the scholarship. Right now they’re almost a fifth of the way there.

Fans who have already donated often shared words of how much Kirby and his talents meant to them:

“Kirby morrow was such an inspiration to me. I knew him from Ninjago as Cole.”

“Thank you so much for everything. I have really adored his work since Gundam Wing came out (I was beginning to finish 5th grade).”

“For Miroku. We miss you Kirby, thank you for all your hard work. Rest easy.”

“I grew up hearing Kirby’s voice in many shows, most notably as Son Goku in Dragon Ball Z. He was one of my actors in B.C. that inspired me to pursue a career in voice-overs.”

Source: Anime News Network, GoFundMe


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