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Japanese Government Using Golgo 13 to Boost COVID Vaccinations

The Japanese government is reworking panels from the manga Golgo 13 to encourage people to get their COVID vaccinations. The panels have been rewritten so that main character Togo now says, “I heard the Japanese government has a pressing assignment … What is it?” A doctor replies, “They want you to spread vaccine uptake to beat the coronavirus.”

This scene has been made into a large poster and put at vaccination centers in Tokyo and Osaka.

“We want people vaccinated here to take photos (with the cartoon panel) and by tweeting, spread vaccinations among individuals of the same generation,” explained vaccination minister Taro Kono.

The Japanese government has used Golgo 13 before as a way to spread information, including information on safety. They have also previously reworked pages of the manga to talk more about COVID and protection.

Source: Mainichi


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