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Golgo 13 Manga Adapted to Join the Fight Against COVID

golgo 13

As part of the fight against COVID-19, the Ministry of Foreign Affairs in Japan wants to make sure that medium- and small-sized Japanese companies outside of the country are taking preventative measures. To do this, they’re tapping into popular manga series Golgo 13.

They’re using the actual imagery from Golgo 13, but the dialogue has been altered to make it about safety and virus prevention. The Ministry of Foreign Affairs also used Golgo 13 before by adapting it to respond to an Islamist terrorist attack in Bangladesh in 2016 that killed multiple Japanese people.

“In addition to the terrorism threat, risk management has become more complicated due to infection prevention measures,” said Toshimitsu Motegi of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs. “I want businesses to use it (the manual) to consider their safety measures.”

It’s estimated 150,000 copies of the reworked Golgo 13 manga will be distributed, and it will also be available on the ministry’s website.

Source: Mainichi


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