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Japan to Reopen to Travelers, Lift Arrival Cap

Japan to Reopen to Travelers, Lift Arrival CapGet over here, friends! Japan will finally be lifting its restrictions on tourist travel starting October 11, said Prime Minister Fumio Kishida while visiting the UN in New York this week.

Visitors from countries that were previously exempted from visas for travel, such as the US, will move back into the visa-exempt category. Visitors will need proof of three vaccinations or a negative COVID-19 test.

Japan has been accepting tourists since June, but only with approved tourism packages. The move will reopen the country to independent travelers.

It will also remove a cap on the number of daily arrivals, which had been set at 50,000.

This is great news for people who’ve been itching to travel to Japan, especially in light of the very favorable dollar to yen exchange rate.

A word to folks looking to come to Japan: most of the world has abandoned face masks at this point, but 99% of people are still wearing them here, so it’d be great if you could respect local customs, all right?

Anyway, we’re looking forward to seeing you over here starting in October.

Source: Japan Times

Matt Schley

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