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Would You Pay for a Tour of Tokyo’s Toilets?

Would You Pay for a Tour of Tokyo’s Toilets?A new tour kicked off in Tokyo this month in which sightseers are shuttled around to… public restrooms.

To be fair, these aren’t any ol’ toilets. These restrooms are all part of THE TOKYO TOILET project, which invited leading architects to put an artistic spin on this normally utilitarian public resource. They were recently featured in the Wim Wenders film Perfect Days, in which the lead character played by Koji Yakusho has a job scrubbing them down.

The tour comes in a west and east course, taking visitors around to toilets around the Shibuya area and beyond. Each tour takes about two to three hours. And, hey, this is one tour where you won’t have to worry about holding it. More information can be found on the official site.

Source: Mulboyne

Matt Schley

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