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Japanese Fans Rank What They’d Do With the Seven Dragon Balls

Even anime fans who aren’t particular Dragon Ball experts are probably familiar with the premise: assemble the seven dragon balls and your wish is Shenron’s command.

Japanese ranking site Goo has polled its readers with the question: if you had the seven dragon balls, what would you wish for? Without further ado, their top 20, from least to most desired:

only eat delicious food for the rest of your life
increase your reflexes
be able to see the future
be able to live wherever you want
be able to turn invisible
increase your fighting strength
be able to travel in time
have children
be able to get whatever you want
be able to meet the dead
become smarter
turn the person you like into your boyfriend/girlfriend
be able to fly
have ESP
be able to change your appearance
marry the person you like
be able to go back in time and fix your mistakes
get a huge amount of cash

What about you, dear Otaku USA readers / Dragon Ball fans? If you could gather all the dragon balls and ask Shenron for one thing, what would it be?

Speaking of gathering the dragon balls, this whole thing reminds us of our trip to Shonen Jump’s J-World, where we actually had the chance to gather them up. All we got was a lousy collectable coin, though…

Source: Goo

Matt Schley

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