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Japanese Fans Rank the Male Characters They’d Hate to Have as Boyfriends

Having a Shonen Jump hero as your boyfriend sounds great at first, right? They’re generally a strong, loyal, and handsome bunch, after all. But Japanese ranking site Goo has asked its readers to take another ponder in their latest poll, entitled “if he were my boyfriend, it’d be totally tiresome?!”

Let’s take a look at what Jump stars Japanese readers would prefer to keep in the friend zone.

10. Ryo Saeba
City Hunter

9. Sakuragi Hanamichi
Slam Dunk

7 (tie). Ryoma Echizen
Prince of Tennis

7 (tie). Naruto Uzumaki

6. Kenichiro
Fist of the North Star

5. Light Yagami
Death Note

4. Kinnikuman

3. Kankichi Ryotsu

2. Luffy
One Piece

1. Goku
Dragon Ball

I wonder if Goku coming up number one has anything to do with the recent revelation he’s never kissed anyone (including his wife).

What about you, OUSAers?

Source: Goo

Matt Schley

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