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Dragon Ball Movie Game-Bound?

That appears to be the case, according the one of the latest posts on the dbthemovie blog, which has done a fine job of keeping everyone’s ears open for the latest scuttlebutt surrounding this future gem of a film. Ah, the popular franchise circle of life. Details are scarce, and merely suggest the dedicated intent to adapt the film into a game, but the possibilities, my friends, are endless.

Truth be told, the original title of this news post was going to concern visions of a digitized Jean-Claude Van Damme dancing in my head. We can only dream the same fate may befall Justin Chatwin. Just picture a Street Fighter: The Movie game style fighter. Chow Yun Fat’s digitized Roshi would raise his fist in a come hither pose, all to the tune of tinny music and 4 frames of animation per second.

Source [Playthings via DB The Movie]