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Naruto, Bleach, and Death Note hit Itunes!

This just in… As of today, complete seasons of Viz Media’s most popular series are now available for download through Itunes. US Fans now have a legit method of digital distrobution to get Naruto, Bleach, and Death Note episodes in high quality, viewable from desktop computers, laptops, or even Ipods. So far it seems only the English dub versions are available, but if the current offerings are successful, surely subtitled episodes will make it to Itunes eventually too.

From Viz:

“”VIZ Media is committed to giving fans the best in animated entertainment and we are thrilled to have captivating and unique series like NARUTO, BLEACH and DEATH NOTE now available on iTunes to provide the best options in delivering exciting animated content in a high quality digital way,•bCrLf says David Rewalt, Senior Director of Retail Development at VIZ Media. “For new fans, iTunes also presents a flexible and portable way to view content when and where they want. We look forward to fans visiting iTunes for the latest in Japanese animation.•bCrLf


Suprisingly, this info (emailed as a press release straight to the Otaku USA offices) is so new, as of this writing Viz doesn’t even have it on their own website yet! We would normally also link you to the titles on Itunes, but it seems you can’t get anywhere within the Itunes store unless you’re accessing it from the Itunes application. So, take our word for it and keep your eyes on Viz and Itunes for more info.