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Bleach and Death Note Now On XBOX Live

Before you start getting your thumbs ready for some Hollow slicing or a dash of TV-game Death Note scribbling, this isn’t an announcement for a couple of hot Xbox Live Arcade titles. Rather, Viz has announced the addition of the two series in question to Xbox Live’s video service. Now you can purchase episodes of Bleach and Death Note on a Download-To-Own basis while basking in the glow of your television.

As far as individual episodes are concerned, all 37 of Death Note‘s run are now available, with Bleach currently serving up episodes 1-41. Both of these are dubbed in English only at the moment, but they join Naruto, which has 24 out of 52 episodes available in Japanese with English subtitles. Hopefully the other series will receive subbed episodes down the line, as well.

What with the New Xbox Experience launching in just 7 days, these additions come at a pretty good time. The new interface should make perusing the video selections even more of a breeze. If none of this hubbub about anime being made available via streaming services or through iTunes has tickled your fancy, you might want to give this a crack if you’re a fan of either series. Episodes run 160 Microsoft points a piece (around $2).