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The Simpsons’ Death Note Spoof Episode Wins Emmy

The Simpsons’ “Treehouse of Horror XXXIII” Halloween special, which included a segment spoofing Death Note (titled “Death Tome”), has officially received an Emmy for its good work! It competed against Bob’s Burgers episode “The Plight Before Christmas,” Netflix’s Entergalactic special, Genndy Tartakovsky’s Primal episode “Shadow Of Fate,” and Rick And Morty episode “Night Family” in the category Outstanding Animated Program.

“Treehouse of Horror XXXIII” also contained spoofs on The Babadook and Westworld.

In order to get the right look for “Death Tome,” The Simpsons tapped DR Movie, a Korean animation studio, to draw the segment in the anime style. As an extra bonus, DR Movie was one of the studios that worked on the original Death Note. Bleeding Fingers Music, meanwhile, was tapped to give the right sort of music for a Death Note feel.

The Simpsons writer and producer Carolyn Omine, who pitched the idea of a Death Note “Treehouse of Horror” spoof after her son and niece suggested it, gave Otaku USA a lengthy interview last year about how the segment came to be. Speaking about the animation part, Omine said, “[The Simpsons animation producer] Richard Raynis is the hero of this segment because he brought these amazing artists into our world. Let’s face it, the most outstanding element of this segment is the way it looks and that is all DR Movie. Director Eom and Mr. Jeong, the CEO of DR Movie and Subin Jeong, the Production Coordinator and our translator. It was an incredibly smooth collaboration. I have no doubt our animators could have come up with a believable version of anime, but it would have been a parody of anime. What DR movie gave us was not only authentic anime, it was an exceptionally beautiful version of authentic anime.”

Find out more of how the segment got made by reading the full interview!

Source: The Hollywood Reporter


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