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How Much Money Did Popular Japanese Cosplayer Enako Make in 2020?

japanese cosplayer enako

We’ve posted about popular Japanese cosplayer Enako in the past, but have you ever wondered just how much Japan’s top cosplayer makes each year? Enako posted about how much she managed to pull in over the course of 2020, including money from cosplay jobs and event appearances.

In the tweet below, Enako mentions that she had a meeting to review the past year with the president of her office. After looking at her income, she noticed she made over 50 million yen in 2020. That adds up to about $482,742, which is mighty impressive!

One fan expressed concern about Enako’s ability to manage all that money and avoid missing any tax payments. She alleviated this by letting them know she has her own tax accountant since she belongs to an agency.

Well done, Enako!

Via Crunchyroll