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Hello Kitty Interviews Scientist on World Oceans Day

Hello Kitty is known for bringing cuteness wherever she goes, but the cat without a mouth can also handle reporting on serious issues. June 8 marks World Oceans Day, and Hello Kitty made a video where she interviews Ryota Nakajima of the Japan Agency for Marine-Earth Science and Technology. The video is in Japanese with English subtitles.

At first Nakajima shares with Hello Kitty how serious the situation is, and reveals video of plastic (some from the 80s!) being found on the ocean floor.

When Hello Kitty asks what they can do to help, Nakajima says, “One is to reduce the amount of plastic waste. The other is to take measures to prevent plastic waste from getting into the ocean. Then, what kind of plastic should we reduce? The answer is disposable plastics. Most of the trash found in the ocean is disposable plastic.”

Then, because it’s still Hello Kitty and still has to be cute, it ends with a song.

Source: YouTube


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