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Heat Exhaustion and an Ambulance Won’t Keep Comiket Attendee from His Doujinshi


When you’re serious about your hobby, you won’t let anything get in the way, and that definitely applies to one particularly dedicated Comiket 96 attendee. This summer’s event was met with record high temperatures and record attendance, so it’s understandable that some otaku succumbed to the dangers of dehydration and heat exhaustion. Did that stop them from getting what they wanted? Absolutely not!

One fan in particular ended up being carted away in an ambulance due to the intense heat, but he made sure to issue a very important command to his friend before departing. According to @TMG_wolf50, his friend’s final words were as straightforward as can be: “Go buy [the KanColle doujinshi] for me.”



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That’s right, even with a serious medical issue at hand, his friend still knew he wanted a Kantai Collection doujinshi called Enkan. That’s the fun part of the story. The not-so-happy ending concerns the limited reality of the goods at these events. Enkan was, unfortunately, sold out, but @TMG_wolf50 managed to pick up another doujinshi they both wanted, and the artists behind them were more than happy to let him buy two once they heard about his friend’s plight.





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How far have you gone for the sake of your otaku collecting habits?

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