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KanColle Turns 10, Gets Illustration from Conan’s Aoyama

KanColle Turns 10, Gets Illustration from Conan’s AoyamaKantai Collection, also known as KanColle, the franchise where World War II ships take the form of cute anime girls, launched on April 23, 2013 — meaning it’s now officially 10 years old.

Starting off as a free-to-play online game, it’s been through many incarnations and adaptations since (check out our in-depth primer from 2015 for more info), and still appears to be going strong, with a new season of anime having just finished airing.

In celebration of its 10th anniversary, KanColle has just received an illustration from none other than Gosho Aoyama, the creator of Detective Conan. Apparently Aoyama (whose Conan manga is still in serialization, mind!) is a huge fan of KanColle and plays every day.

The text in the illustration reads: “My favorite is still Akagi.” Fair enough, sensei.

Here’s how Funi/Crunchi describes KanColle:

Fubuki is a Special Type Destroyer who has just been assigned to the Naval District. With a grand total of zero battles under her belt, she’s sure to sink fast under the pressure of expectation. Luckily, she’s grouped with Torpedo Squadron Three, and they’re ready to support their new comrade. Together, they’ll prove they have what it takes to defend the ocean and win it all for humanity!

Source: Otakomu

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