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Detective Conan Film Series Surpasses 100 Million Viewers

Detective Conan Film Series Surpasses 100 Million ViewersPeople in Japan sure love their Detective Conan. The latest annual Conan film, The Million-dollar Pentagram, released back on April 12, has brought in bundles of yen over the past few weeks (9.29 billion yen as of April 29, to be exact).

The film has also helped the 27-film long series surpass a new landmark: there are now 100 million people who’ve gone to see a Conan film domestically. To put that in perspective, the population of Japan is 124 million.

Here’s our translation of the official comment from Detective Conan creator Gosho Aoyama:

Hey, it’s me, Aoyama! Congratulations and thanks for topping 100 million viewers! This year’s film title has “million dollars” in it, which is about 100 million yen! Coincidence… or destiny? Wait, with the yen as weak as it is, a million dollars is way more than 100 million yen? Don’t sweat that kind of stuff (lol)

To celebrate the 100 million number, a 100-second video has been released that features clips from all 27 Conan films. It’s also been announced that there will be official “cheer screenings” of The Million-dollar Pentagram.

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