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Case Closed: The Million-Dollar Pentagram Shares English-Subtitled Trailer

The twenty-seventh Detective Conan movie — count ’em! — is scheduled to hit Japanese theaters on April 12. The new movie is called Detective Conan: Hyakuman Doru no Michishirube, and its official English title is Case Closed: The Million-dollar Pentagram. An English-subtitled trailer has dropped.

The movie is posed to be in more Japanese theaters than any previous Detective Conan movie. Its theme song is “Sōshi Sōai” (translated as “Mutual Love”) and performed by AIKO. TMS Entertainment gave this description for its plot:

A message has arrived from Kid the Phantom Thief, that he will steal a Japanese sword belonging to the wealthy Onoe Family in Hakodate, Hokkaido. Conan and Heiji Hattori, who happened to be in Hakodate, are on the case to capture Kid. Onoe Family’s collections are associated with Toshizo Hijikata, a historic figure who perished in Hakodate. Why is Kid, who specializes in jewels, going after a Japanese sword?

Coincidentally the family lawyer of Onoe is found murdered in the warehouse district, apparently slaughtered by a Japanese sword. The suspect is an investor/arms dealer who is said to be after Onoe family’s hidden treasure.

The grandfather of Onoe family’s patriarch was deeply involved with the army industry during wartime, and it was rumored he hid some powerful weapon that could “change the course of war” somewhere in Hakodate. Is Kid after that weapon? Meanwhile, Heiji is trying to find a perfect viewpoint to declare his love to Kazuha…

In the North among cherry blossoms, the exciting hunt for treasure begins!

The franchise started as a manga series in 1994, created by Gosho Aoyama. So far VIZ Media has published 89 volumes of the series under the title Case Closed. The 90th volume is available for preorder and will come out April 9, just before the movie does.

Source: ANN


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