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Detective Conan vs. Kaito Kid Compilation Film Lines Up January 2024 Premiere

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The 27th Detective Conan anime film—titled Detective Conan: The Million Dollar Signpost—is set to premiere in Japan on April 12, 2024, but there’s something else to look forward to ahead of that. Detective Conan vs. Kaito Kid is a new compilation film that’s officially set to hit theaters in Japan on January 5, 2024, pulling together some classic Kaito Kid episodes from the Conan anime into a single feature.

Since Kaito Kid will be a key figure in the new movie, this should serve as a nice lead-in to the 27th film. It will also feature a conversation between Conan and Kaito Kid that’s exclusive to the compilation. You can see a preview in the commercials—which include a sample of WANDS theme song “Daitan”—along with a pair of visuals below.

The first poster says, “Nice to meet you, Detective! I wonder if you can understand my art/magic?”:

The second says, “I will unmask your identity/trick!”:

The 2024 projects follow last year’s Detective Conan: Kurogane no Submarine, which did some mighty impressive numbers during its run.

Source: Official website via Crunchyroll News