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Comiket 96 Shatters Records with 730,000 Attendees

comiket 96

Earlier today we posted some bite-size news briefs about the latest summer Comic Market event, which took place over the weekend and ended up breaking attendance records. The extra day definitely helped, as it rocketed Comiket 96 to an amazing 730,000 attendees.

In addition to running for four days instead of three, this year saw the introduction of the need to purchase wristbands for entry. It was a small fee—¥2,000 for the full weekend, ¥2,500 for the weekend and the booklet, or just ¥500 for a single-day wristband—but it was put in place to help offset the added operational costs while (theoretically) thinning out attendance.

Attendance definitely didn’t suffer as a result, though. By Sunday, Comiket 96 was neck and neck with last summer’s 530,000 attendees, and the fourth day easily put it in first place. Comiket 96 even managed to surpass the previous record holder, which was 2013’s Comiket 84 and its 590,000 attendees.

As previously reported, next summer’s event will be held in May, keeping it from competing with the 2020 Olympics and lining it up nicely with Golden Week.

Source: Mantan-Web